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Gathering FAQ

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How do I get help?

Contact us for help with questions, technical issues, or changes. We can set up a meeting for you if you contact us . (Keep in mind you will not be able to make changes to your meeting unless you register yourself.)

What can I do after I register/login?

You can create a gathering without registering. If you choose to register, then once you are logged in to your account you can create gatherings, view names and emails of attendees, change your gathering details and location, add information, and cancel if necessary. If you do not register, you can create meetings, but you cannot edit your meeting or contact your guest list.

Where can I have my gathering?

Hotel Map | Peachtree Mall & Food Court

You can have your gathering anywhere! When you set up your meeting, you can choose a suggested location. The suggested locations are below. In addition, you can set up a private lunch or dinner at the hotel restaurant, Sway, by calling 404-460-6480. Click here for a directory of the Peachtree Mall and food court, attached to the hotel.

If you don’t want to use a suggested location, you have two choices:
  1. Select “See Meeting Details for Location” from the “Locations” list. In the description you enter for your meeting, make sure to specify and describe your location.
  2. Enter your own meeting location in the “Other Location” field.
Suggested locations:
    • See Meeting Details for Location [Choose this option if you do not want to use a suggested location from the list. Make sure you specify your location in the meeting description.]
    • ACCS Coffee Bar and Meeting Area (Vendor Hall)
    • Atrium (Main) Lobby
    • Lobby Restaurant-Sway
    • Lobby Bar-22 Story Bar & Grill
    • Pool
    • Lower Level 1-Main Lobby (Main Elevators) [This area accommodates 4 to 10 people.]
    • Lower Level 1-International Tower-Sitting Area [This area accommodates up to 5 people.]

Can I collect RSVPs?

Yes. At the bottom of the “Add Event” form, be sure to click “Click to enable RSVPs” under “Bookings/Registration.” This feature will collect names and emails of those attending your event. If you do NOT enable RSVPs, people can still view your gathering but are not required to reply.

If you enable RSVPs, you can view your guest list on the page for that event.  If you registered for an account, you can edit your meeting and contact your guest list (see more detail below under “Can I contact the people attending my event?”.

Where can I see my event?

Once a gathering is approved, it is listed on the See All Gatherings page. To view and edit your events, log in to “My Gatherings”.

All Gatherings must be approved before they display in the Gatherings list. If you have questions about when your gathering will be approved, or if you need it approved immediately, contact us.

Can I contact the people attending my event?

View Guests

If you enabled RSVPs at the bottom of the “Add Event” form (see screenshot below) when you created your meeting, you can view attendees. 1) Visit the “Event Page” — the main page for the event — by selecting it from the Gatherings page. 2) Or, if you registered for an account, log in to My Gatherings and click on the event name.

Contact Guests

You can contact guests if you registered for an account AND if you enabled RSVPs at the bottom of the “Add Event” form when you created your meeting.

To contact attendees, log in to My Gatherings. Click on “Bookings.” All attendees are listed here. Click on the attendee NAME –OR– click “Edit/View” (to the far right in the list) to see the email address.

Note: If you’ve already created your gathering, but did not enable RSVPs, you can enable it by logging in and updating your event.