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Leader’s Day

Wednesday, June 12, 8 – 5 pm

Our program for this year is more in-depth and hands-on, and we hope will deliver even more value to the leaders in our movement. It is also one of the most unique Leader’s Days we’ve yet brought to the conference.

We all know that student recruitment and retention is a must for a healthy school. What we may not realize that the every-day atmosphere of our schools is a key ingredient in helping parents find and remain at classical Christian schools. The hospitality industry has mastered this art. And no company does it better than Chick-Fil-A corporation. Through work with one of their executives and their team at “The Hatchery,” we plan to learn from these practices that have been instrumental in the success of Chick-Fil-A, and adapt them to classical Christian schools.

This targeted training will help schools build into their daily routine a sense of excellence and friendliness that keeps parents coming back.

Stay tuned for details.