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Colloquium on Teaching Literature in a Classical Christian School

Wednesday, June 12, 1 – 9 pm

Join Louis Markos and teachers from around the country as we encourage each other—and discuss how better to guide our students—to grow in wisdom and to love the true, good, and beautiful through timeless literature.

In a new format, attendees will hear from five different literature instructors. Time will be provided for “Q & A” and discussion of presentations.


Presentation by Louis Markos

Living in an Eschatological Universe: Virgil’s Aeneid and the Fall of Troy

It was Virgil—not in opposition to but alongside the Bible—who taught Christian Europe the shape of history and the power that moves it forward, the primacy of duty, the pain of letting go, and the burden of adapting new strategies. In this lecture, I will take the group scene by scene through Aeneid II, opening up the way in which Virgil presents the destruction of Troy as a happy fall (felix culpa): a great tragedy that provides the seed out of which greater good would come. — Louis Markos

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