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2019 Schedule

Main Conference (June 13 – 15)

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Pre-conference and Practicums (June 12 – 13)

Leaders Day Pre-conference | Literature Colloquium | Grammar Reading Practicum | Fundraising Practicum

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Foundation Track | Gatherings

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Wednesday, June 12
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
1:00 – 9:00 PM
1:00 – 9:00 PM

Thursday Morning, June 13
Welcome & Opening (Centennial I & II)
Douglas Wilson-Plenary-Arrogance and Humility: Worlds in Collision (Centennial I & II)
Incorporating “Station Rotation” in Your Pre-Polly or Grammar Classroom
Stage or Subject?: Embracing Dialectic to Make Sense of Logic
Lifetime Learning: The Nature and Vision of Classical Christian Education
Show & Tell to Senior Thesis: Understanding and Teaching Rhetoric
Singing the Lord’s Song: What Shall We Sing?
“What Happens in the Halls” vs. “What’s on the Wall”
Jumpstart Athletics in Your Small Christian School
Daniel Coupland-Track Plenary-“A Wardrobe of Images”: Classic Literature and the Moral Imagination
Pre-School, Kindergarten, and School Readiness in Classical Christian Education
Parental Tools for Shaping T, G, and B: Cultivating a Deut. 4:10 Culture
Including and Supporting Students with Disabilities in the CC Classroom
The Paideia of God
Cultivating an Affection for Commonplacing in Students Using Tolkien and the Great Ideas
Hugh of St. Victor and Philip Melanchthon on the Moral Formation of the Intellectual Appetite
Rethink Rhetoric—An Ethical Rather Than a Scientism-Based Foundation for Our High Schools
Creating and Running a Premier Student Ambassador Program
Mitch Stokes-Track Plenary-Is There Really Such a Thing as Christian STEM?

Thursday Afternoon, June 13
Lunch and Vendor Time
Lunch Meeting for Heads of ACCS-Accredited Schools
Announcements and Introduction (Centennial I & II)
Plenary-Lessons from China: Walking Faithfully Under Persecution
Pre-K and Kindergarten: Shepherding Hearts or Behavior Modification
Chants, Songs, and Sound-Offs, Now What?
Beauty Matters: Creating a High Aesthetic in School Culture
Building On the Foundation of Shurley Grammar with Daily Grammar Practice
Music is Core; Especially in Small Schools
The Power of Christian Paradox to Make Teachable Moments Transformational
Rethink Rhetoric: Declamation as Capstone
Daniel Coupland-Track Plenary-Tales as Old as Time: On the Origin, Structure, and Use of Fairy Tale
Meet Peers for Kindergarten & First Grade Teachers
Meet Peers for Second & Third Grade Teachers
Meet Peers for Fourth & Fifth Grade Teachers
Meet Peers for Sixth Grade Teachers
Calculus for Everyone?
Rethink Rhetoric Panel: How to Convert Your Thesis Project …
God’s Garden: Cultivating and Growing Schools
Louis Markos-Track Plenary-How to Escape from the Dark Cave of Relativism and Nominalism

Thursday Afternoon/Evening, June 13

Thursday Evening, June 13
National Honor Choir Rehearsal (closed to public)

Friday Morning, June 14
Announcements & Introduction (Centennial I & II)
First Prize, 2019 Chrysostom Oratory Contest
George Grant-Plenary-On Stranger Tides: Maintaining Balance in an Unbalanced Culture
Memory in the Grammar Stage
Primary Sources in the Grammar School History Class
Effective Classroom Discussion
A Model for Physical Education
Teaching History through Masterpieces of Art
Noble & Free: the Powerful Purpose of Classical Education
AlerT–Best Practice Active Shooter Defense Training for K–12
Calvin Beisner-Track Plenary-The Cosmic Consequences of Christ’s Crosswork
The Beauty of Order in the Grammar School Classroom
Training Your Students’ Affections through Catechisms
Debate for Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric Stages
Hands-On Formative Assessment
Math as One of the Humanities
Like a Star Disorbed
Intentionality and The Legacy of Truth: Succession Planning Among ACCS Schools
Douglas Wilson-Track Plenary-Dealing With Bitterness in a Christian School

Friday Afternoon, June 14
Lunch and Vendor Time
ACCS Membership Meeting (Learning Center)
Singing & Announcements (Centennial I & II)
Abdu Murray-Plenary-Saving Truth: Clarity in a Culture of Confusion
Student Reading Difficulties: Identification, Causes, Prevention, and Solutions
Enriching Your Classroom Environment Using Your God-Given Gifts and Abilities
Practical Trivium Teaching
Colloquium: Teaching Latin in Latin
A Vision for the Everyday Classroom
Instructing for Impact: Taking your Lesson Delivery from Good to Great
The Vision Template–Strategic Planning for Mission Directed Organizations
Louis Markos-Track Plenary-More Moral Than God?
Senator Ben Sasse-Plenary

Friday Evening, June 14

Saturday Morning, June 15
Story-based Learning in Early Classical Education
Raising Sturdy Children
The Protestant Powerhouse Behind Classical Education
Reepicheep on Pragmatism or The Dangers of a Very Practical Education
Integrated Harmony in the Quadrivium: How Music Makes Us More Classical
Climate Change and the Christian
Brian Williams-Track Plenary-The History of Grades and Practice of Grading
David Goodwin-Plenary-The First Comprehensive ACCS Alumni Survey of Life Outcomes
Announcements & School Accreditation Presentations
Erick Erickson-Plenary-From Common Core to Classics
Vendor Time